Capital Group

Here is the share capital of ZGH “Bolesław” S.A. in the dependet companies:

  • HC „Miasteczko Śląskie”S.A. - 91,09%
    production and sales of zinc, lead, alloys, sulphuric acid, metallic cadmium,  Dore metal
  • BOLTECH Sp. z o.o. - 100%
    production of dolomite, elastomers and zinc products
    transport services in domestic and international markets
    services in energy sector (heating industry, natural gas distribution and electricity cogeneration)
  • Gradir Montenegro d.o.o. - 99,47%
    extraction and processing of polymetallic ores
  • Agencja Ochrony Osób i Mienia KARO Sp.z o.o. - 100%
    security services for properties and individuals


HC "Miasteczko Śląskie" S.A.

Boltech Sp. z o.o.

Gradir Montenegro d.o.o.

Agencja Ochrony Osób i Mienia KARO Sp. z o.o.