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Greening campaign in ZGH „Bolesław” S.A.

In May 2013, 50 trees of TiliaCordata were planted in the area of the Company. It was carried out on the backgroundof the cooperation agreement signed by ZGH “Bolesław” S.A. and AERIS FUTURO Foundation. Tree planting campaign was financed with funds provided by the Polish Energy TAURON within TAURON ECO product.

The ZGH “Bolesław” S.A. tree planting is an element of the project “Time for forest” held under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment. It is an innovative undertakingthat enables companies to participate in the global action of environment protection, including climate protection in terms of neutralization of carbon emissions through forestation and reforestation of the whole country.One tree in its lifetime consumes an average of 750 kg of CO2, contributing to the climate change mitigation..