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About us


ZGH „Bolesław” was founded in 1958 after the merger of Mining Plant „Bolesław” with Smelting Plant „Bolesław”. On the 1st of March 2004 under the Commercialization and Privatization Act the state owned enterprise was transformed into state owned company.  Since the 11th of December 2012, after the Treasury sold 86,92% of the share capital, the company has been incorporated into the Stalproduct S.A. capital group.

Currently, ZGH “Bolesław” S.A. is a modern mining and smelting complex. In the smelting part - modernized in recent years, the Company produces special high grade zinc and zinc alloys including alloys for continuous galvanizing ZZA, Wegal for unitary galvanizingas well as casting alloys. The Company is the main supplier of zinc and alloys in the domestic market and a significant supplier to the neighboring countries, eg. the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary.

Our products are used for the production of sheets, anti-corrosion coatings, in construction sector and many others.Zinc compounds are applied to picture tubes for televisions and monitors as well aspaints and varnishes.


Our products

  • Bulk +

    Zinc and lead concentrate is produced in the process of flotation enrichment of zinc-lead ores. It is grey, its granulation Read More
  • Electrolytic zinc +

    Electrolytic zinc is widely used in automotive, processing, construction and many other industries. Apart from those in Poland, the main Read More
  • Lead concentrate +

    Lead concentrate is irreplaceable raw material used for the production of lead. The major markets are Poland, Germany, Romania and Read More
  • Sulphuric acid +

    It is widely used in chemical and processing industry. Apart from the sales in domestic market it is exported to Read More
  • Zinc alloys ZZA +

    Zinc alloys are used in smelting and automotive industry as well as for continuous galvanizing in processing industry. The major Read More
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