Lead concentrate

Lead concentrate is irreplaceable raw material used  for the production of lead. The major markets are Poland, Germany, Romania and Bulgaria.

Lead concentrate (flotation galena) is produced in the process of flotation enrichment of zinc-lead ores. It contains max 9% of H2O. It is dark blue, its granulation ranges from 0-0,2mm and gravity is approx. 6g/cm3.


 PKWIU, PCN-260700000

The loading is performed with  loader, excavator or ladle crane. In winter when the temperature falls below zero, special loading conditions shall be considered (lining paper at the bottom of a wagon). 
The product shall be stored in a roofed and sheltered places or at least  covered with a foil.  The concentrate may contain no impurities of the unknown origin. 
The concentrate shall be transported in clean, open, watertight wagons. It is produced as a filtrated material containing 7%-9% of H2O so it shall not be transported by sea.
It may be shipped in wagons or barges by inland waterway ( rivers or canals).
In winter, due to the above mentioned water content, it shall not be shipped without customer or forwarder consent, especially when there is no technical possibility of defrosting in wagons.  

 Material safety data sheet